Presentation of agricultural farm for sale:

Ref. no. L00500LT:

Perspective agricultural company for sale:

Ecological beef cattle farm in Lithuania.


This organic beef cattle farm is founded in a beautiful place, surrounded by lakes and rivers. The farm can be operated for leisure & pleasure, as a family business or it can be expanded and used for an extensive production.

The owner would like to sell the farm or to partner with an investor for further expansion.


  • 220 hectares of land (20 hectares are rented)
  • All the pastures are bordered by the river and lakes (safer grazing)


  • 100 units of beef cattle (Red Angus, from Germany)
  • All the cows are young (second-third calve)
  • It is possible to expand livestock to 180 units by using the same land area.


  • Cow barn – 2 units
  • Farm – 1 unit (needs renovation)


  • Tractor Zetor Proxima 100, 100 AG, 390 mot./h (2016)
  • Grass mower SIP 280 (2016 m.)
  • Rake SIP (2016 m.)
  • Trailer
  • Jeep Mitsubishi L200


  • A small house equipped with main amenities (electricity, water, canalization, fireplace, Internet, TV and others)


  • Water borehole (60m depth)
  • Watering place (2 units, do not freeze in winter)
  • Powerful management of pasture (electric fence, wooden impregnated poles (1160 units), wire)
  • Fence, 40 units. (3,0 x 1,7 m)
  • Stall, 1 unit
  • Video surveillance equipment (2 HD cameras, direct broadcast via Internet)

Possibilities for expansion:

  • Increase the land area to 500 hectares
  • Increase the livestock to 400 heads
  • Invest in meat processing and development of „BIObrand“


  • Possibility to invest in a farm development by becoming a partner.
  • Planned for a coming 3 years:
    • To expand the owned land area to 500 hectares
    • To increase the cow (mothers) number to 200 units (in total 400 units of livestock)
    • To install the modern meat processing/treatment premises
    • To create and develop the new „BIObrand“
    • To export all production (to Scandinavian or other markets)

Advantages from partnership:

  • Big value-added business will be created (by investing in expansion of land are and livestock; also by investing in meat processing/treatment)
  • Possibility of exploiting EU funding
  • Possibility to use the 30% support for buying of livestock
  • Possibility to buy additional bulls in the neighborhood
  • Possibility to create and develop the new „BIObrand“
  • Continuity (current owner would share the ideas and knowledge)
  • The new partner could invest in installments (no need to invest all the amount in the very beginning)