Presentation of development land
in the Masurian Lake District in Poland:

Ref. no. L00491PL:

82 ha of development land in the Masurian Lake District in Poland for sale.

Masurian Lake District:

Looking for unforgettable outdoor holiday ideas?

Poland’s Masurian Lakeland is an area of impressive natural beauty with more than 2,000 lakes, dense forests, organic farms and charming resort towns.

The lakeland is well worth exploring.

Description of
the plot for sale:

The plot for sale has an area of 82 ha and is located in the Sapina River basin.

The grounds are covered by the plan of a study of the development directions and the possible investment is in the following areas: residential and commercial, guest houses and hotels, recreation, agritourism or angling.

The area is considered a top tourist destination, serving as a special place for nature-lovers.

The amazing Masurian Lake District, east of Olsztyn, is a green country with rolling hillsides, with countless lakes, small mansions, small towns and scattered areas. The area is centered on the Śniardwy lake (114 square kilometers), Poland's largest lake and Lake Mamry and its adjacent waters (additional 104 sqm). Over 15% of the Masurian area is covered with water and another 30% of forests.


The area is located in the magnificent Masurian Lake District,
in northeast of Poland.

Legal status:

App. 82 ha of private freehold development land.

Legal owner:

Private property of natural person.