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Ref. no. L00493PL:

35 hectare unique and beautiful forest- and sealand property for sale in Poland.


A total of 35,2 hectare of forest- and sealand property for sale.

Unspoiled nature with endless possibilities for the passionate nature lover. Here you have the opportunity to grow all your natural interests. The generous nature willingly presents itself with rich opportunities for fantastic hunting and angling experiences.


Panoramic pictures:


In the western outskirts of the idyllic Masurian Sealand district   in Poland, between green meadows, impressive woodland areas, wide expanses and by enchanting lakes.

In Nowe Miasto County , approx. 8 km southeast of the city Nowe Miasto Lubawskie .

Located approximately in the middle between the metropolises of Warsaw and Gdansk.

Legal status:

Private freehold.

Legal owner:

Owned by a limited liability company (Sp. z o.o.).


Holiday, leisure, recreation, nature experiences, tourism, hunting and angling, and much more. The imagination sets limits.


Only the naturally occurring wild animals, such as red deer, deer, wild boar, foxes, badger, hare, duck, goose, pheasant, partridge, pigeon, wood pigeon, snipe, woodcock, curlew, quails etc. .... etc. ....

In the lakes there are many species of freshwater fish, of which pike, trout, carp, whitefish, perch, zander, eel etc. can be mentioned.


No one.

Other installations:

No one.

Other information:

There is ample opportunity to use this area just to enjoy nature, build a holiday home in nature, for private or commercial holiday-, hunting- and angling experiences, and / or to develop a unique "agrotouristic hotel" on the property.

Poland is for many hunters Europe's hunting country no. 1. The hunt here is for everyone - both for the inexperienced first-time hunter and for the hunter with many years of experience. In Poland, all preferred wild species are found, and the stocks are very dense.

The Polish state owns the right to hunt and fish wildlife. One must comply with specific rules for hunting and fishing.

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