Presentation of 11 ha idyllic forest property for sale in Latvia:

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For the adventurous investor:

11 ha idyllic forest property with hunting lodge / cottage, for sale in Latvia.


Hunting lodge / cottage with many possibilities.

The house is situated in the beautiful and unspoiled Latvian forests, at a private lake, belonging to the property. The lake is perfect for angling and bathing. Sauna is built 5 meters from the lake. Uncultivated fields and forest with land area of 11.53 hectare surround the house.

From the house there are views over forests and uncultivated fields with wild flowers and nesting birds. The area is also a favorite place for resting deers. There are moose, many wild boar and other smaller animals such as foxes and beavers in the area.

The two story log house is 179.4 m2.
The first floor holds kitchen and two living rooms, which are connected by the beautiful arches. The first floor also holds bathroom with toilet and shower. The big fireplace in one of the living rooms and underfloor heating (whole first floor) makes the house livable in both summer and wintertime. The house has its own approved well. Besides the sauna the property holds double garage with plenty of space for firewood and tools, as well as henhouse and small like in front of the house.
The second floor has three sleeping rooms and the office, as well as bathroom.


Idyllically located in the area between Zaube and Nitaure , to the south for Gauja National Park , the largest and oldest national park in Latvia with the area of 91.745 hektar.



  • Living area: 179,4 m2 with 2 covered terraces of 9,8 m2.
  • Rooms: 7.
  • Electrical installations in the house, sauna and garage.
  • Heating: Fireplace and underfloor heating on the first floor.
  • The heating of the second floor through piping from the fireplace.
  • Internet: Yes.
  • Own well: Yes.
  • Sewerage: Yes.
  • Sold with furniture: Yes.

Large sauna with bathroom, toilet and living room.

  • Sauna building: 40,6 m2.
  • Sauna: 6,1 m2 (Heated by firewood).
  • Bathroom and toilet: 5,8 m2.
  • Living room: 16,7 m2.
  • Small covered porch: 12 m2.
  • Large porch: app. 22 m2.
  • Building is situated close to the like perfect for fishing and bathing.

Garage / storage room etc.:

  • Separate building: app. 70 m2.
    Large double garage with planty of storage space.

Land plot:

  • Natural plot of 11.53 hectare with forest and uncultivated fields, close to forest and small river.
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A few examples of the many activities and attractions in the area:

  • Gauja National Park 
    The largest and oldest of the national parks of Latvia, characterized by great biodiversity, various landforms, natural springs, sandstone stretches, picturesque views and unique natural, cultural and historical monuments. Gauja National Park covers an area of 91,745 hectares.
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  • 'Switzerland of Vidzeme' 
    Cable car to the forest, Turaida cave and Turaida Castle.
    Sigulda is situated on a picturesque stretch of the original Gauja river valley. Due to the reddish Devonian sandstone, which forms steep cliffs and caves on both river banks, Sigulda has been called "Switzerland of Vidzeme".
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  • 'Turaidas Rose' 
    Turaidas Rose was a young virgin from Turaida Maijas (1601–1620), who in 1620 voluntarily chose death instead of losing his honor.
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  • Turaida castle 
    The Turaida Castle is one of the oldest medieval castles in Latvia that it is still possible to visit. The castle is located on the right bank of the Gauja on the town of Sigulda.
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  • Gutmanis Cave 
    The Gutmanis Cave is the deepest cave in Latvia, located on the Gauja River in the Gauja National Park. The cave is almost 19 meters deep, 12 meters high at the highest point and 10 meters high at the lowest. The entrance to the Gutman cave is 10.6 meters wide, and the cave's walkway area is 170 square meters.
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  • Kayaking and canoeing on the Gauja River 
    Gauja is the most beautiful river in Latvia with an impressive river valley that is up to 80 meters deep. Picturesque sandstone blocks rise over the river. Gauja is a quiet river, with just a few small power streams. Leisure boating is perfect here. Between Cesis and Sigulda, Gauja flows through the Gauja National Park. There are several well-appointed facilities for sailors on the river banks with benches, tables, campfire pitches, firewood and information stands.
    There are canoes and kayak rentals in many places along the river.
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  • Tarzāns Sigulda Adventure Park 
    The largest outdoor adventure park in the Baltics. Everyone who likes leisure activities finds challenges in the 100 different activities.
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  • Deer Park "Saulstari" 
    "Saulstari" Safari and Deer Park is the first private deer park in Latvia, where over 300 fallow deer, as well as European white and red deer, are bred in a 170-hectare park. Guests visiting the park , have the unique opportunity to taste mushrooms and wild products.
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  • Pulling ferry on Gauja near Ligatne.
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  • With 'Tallink'  one can, among other things, sail to Riga bringing along a car. It takes approx. 24 hours.

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