Presentation of agricultural farm for sale:

Ref. no. L00538LT:

1.100 ha arable farm for sale in Lithuania.


Farm center is located approx. 50 km from Vilnius and in 1 km distance from the strategical Via Baltica main road.
Vilnius County, Lithuania.

Legal status:

Approx. 310 ha of private freehold.
Approx. 800 ha leased.

Legal owner:

'Two Lithuanian limited liability companies'
(The objects for sale).


Well-run arable farm with good workshop-, garage-, grain drying- and storage facilities.
The land is kept in good agricultural condition and culture, with proper rotation, cultivation and fertilization.
The areas are mainly flat and suitable for efficient grain production.


Approx. 310 ha owned property.
Approx. 800 ha leased land.

Soil quality:

Lithuanian land performance evaluation: Approx. 40 points.
'Coarse sand mixed clay' and 'Fine loamy sand'.


Crop structure for year 2019:

  • Winter wheat: 467,64 ha
  • Winter rapeseed: 333,11 ha
  • Summer rapeseed: 120,35 ha
  • Summer wheat: 47,35 ha
  • Buckwheat: 15,23 ha
  • Clover: 121,05 ha

Soil is very good for growing potatoes and other vegetables.


Good workshop-, garage-, grain drying- and storage facilities.




Adequate machinery equipment.

Other information: