Agricultural land in Poland for sale:


Ref. no: L00035PL
1,000 ha of agricultural land in Poland for sale.

A unique arable property, consisting of app. 1,000 ha of well rounded agricultural land, farm buildings and a palace.

The farm is located about 180 km from the Polish-German border in the province of Lower Silesia.

Of the app. 1000 ha are over 980 ha well cultivated farmland in a very good culture.

In the bench mark “Ranking 300”, carried out by the “Institute of Agriculture and Food Economy”, the farm is listed on the third place in the category “Ranking of the best agricultural company”. This is in the 20th edition of the "Ranking 300", based on years1994 to 2013.

The operating company owns about 600 ha of the agricultural land and rents about 400 ha. There is a pre-emption right to purchase the leased land.

Main crops: wheat, rapeseed and sugar beet.

Places to an existing wind farm with 17 pcs. of Vestas V112-3.075 MW wind turbines and a substation are rented out.