Mergers & Acquisitions

Growth is not a one-off matter.

Most of the strategic agendas are about profitable growth, and many companies feel a need to make it a business issue.

It requires a coordination of efforts in acquisitions, product development, sales, marketing and pricing in a coherent program. At the same time, your organization must be able to follow and be scalable.

  • What has driven your growth to date,
    and what should be going forward, the "growth-DNA"?
  • Are you able to grow real, profitable and become stronger?
  • How do you ensure that growth does not "disappear",
    or is found not to increase the value?
  • What are the significant components for growth for the next two to four years
    - and how do they play together and support each other?
  • How do you organize, implement, operate and monitor cross-cutting initiatives?
  • How do you ensure that the supply chain can follow and support the development and that the organization and systems are set to play with?

What are your plans for mergers and acquisitions, and how to ensure synergy?

  • Who are the best owners of your activities, and do you know what it takes to make you an attractive buyer, partner or acquisition candidate?
  • What actions are best realized through non-organic activities and what is the possibility of mergers and acquisitions?
  • What is the rationale for making the purchase?
  • Do you have the resources and skills to see options, evaluate candidates, manage the process and conduct due diligence?
  • Many mergers and acquisitions fail in human relationships
    - Is due diligence, organization and Post-Merger-level furnished sufficient?

Jesper Kjaer ApS supports professional investors and industry and service from the purchase or sale consideration to complete the transaction and integration. We work very closely with your company and with other consultants in areas such as law, accounting, finance and environment. We have the strategic understanding and operational insight to challenge the impending acquisitions and to review acquisition candidates in order to find both strengths and weaknesses.

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