When decision is made

When the right company is identified and you want to buy it, then the buying process starts.

It is a complicated process with many variants and involves a number of advisors.
It is very important that this process will be coordinated effectively.

A transaction involves not only “getting on with production”. Both buyer and seller often underestimate the work to be done, in order to make a transaction into the success everyone hopes for.

It is important to write down any consideration. Whether you are buying or selling a business, the reality might look different when it is in writing, than the dreams you might want to realize. A company must be able to handle and be prepared for all the challenges it will meet in the future. Therefore, it is important to put robust plans, especially if the acquisition target is located abroad.

Many make easily a business plan - and an overestimation of revenue opportunities can easily solve problems in a troubled budget. If one runs out of capital or liquidity, it is difficult to correct a business in error.

Company transactions are often implemented with a sense of mutual trust and many let "emotions get too much space" in a process that should be constructive and rational. Unfortunately many discover too late that the parties do not have the same understanding of the situation. The consequences can be fatal for both buyer and seller. A thorough condition assessment (due diligence) is necessary and for the benefit and security for both buyer and seller.

Safety is more important in a transaction other than price. It is important to choose good advisors with the necessary specialist knowledge and know the full implications of the decisions being taken. Many are unwilling to set up and mature a transaction. It is problematic because it can lead to lack of focus on the transaction itself.

We can help you.

Jesper Kjaer ApS is a diversified consulting company for project development and innovative approach to improving business. We specialize in finding opportunities or ideas to create new technology-based and commercially promising products in developing markets.

Our position is based on a deep understanding of local opportunities - and the ability to be at the forefront of tomorrow. We take pride in being a committed partner and we have made it our trademark to make the impossible possible. Development and dissemination of business is a complex process, but we never lose sight of what creates value for our customers.

Through years of development of investment projects in Europe and North Africa, we have grown our skills with small steps. We have developed a large and effective network suitable for this type of international development. We develop, co-develop or mediate a wide range of projects and are active in the mediation of companies and real estate to international investors.

Because of the diversified business we do, and the constant dialogue with many different investors, with even more ideas and goals, we have managed to cross match businesses for the benefit of all parties involved.

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