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Ref. no. L00582PL:

355 ha agricultural property in northeastern Poland for sale.

The property is located in the southern part of the 1,100 ha Orzysz lake.
1,500 meters of direct - and 1,500 meters of indirect lake coastline.

  • 354,9 ha of owned land, of which:
    • 307 ha of scenic agricultural areas
    • 32 ha of forests and trees
    • 16 ha of 'other'
  • Farmstead, of which:
    • a residential building with an area of 400 m2 (6 apartments)
    • an administrative and social building with an area of 400 m2
    • garage and workshop rooms plus a shelter with an area of 350 m2 - outbuilding with an area of 100 m2
    • three stables with a total area of 3,500 m2 and covered shelter with an area of 1,400 m2
    • a dry feed warehouse with an area of 800 m2

The lake district of Masuria

Masuria is one of Europe’s most bountiful sources of unspoiled nature. It is the region that is nicknamed ‘the Land of the Thousand Lakes’ and ‘the Lungs of Poland’, because of its countless natural forests, meadows, wild rivers and large lakes dominating in the landscape.

In addition to the wonderful landscapes one can enjoy the rich wildlife like bison, moose, red deer, sika deer, roe deer, fallow deer, moufflon, wild boar, golden eagle, white eagle, osprey, black stork and many more, but also endangered species such as lynx, wolf, eagle owl, black grouse, woodgrouse or hazel grouse.

The property is owned in a holding structure.
The owner offers the property for sale in a discreet transaction.

A unique and perfect estate, for the professional farmer and for the passionate nature lover.

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Ref. no. L00535LV:

For the adventurous investor:

11 ha idyllic forest property with hunting lodge / cottage, for sale in Latvia.

Hunting lodge / cottage with many possibilities.

The house is situated in the beautiful and unspoiled Latvian forests, at a private lake, belonging to the property. The lake is perfect for angling and bathing. Sauna is built 5 meters from the lake. Uncultivated fields and forest with land area of 11.53 hectare surround the house.

From the house there are views over forests and uncultivated fields with wild flowers and nesting birds. The area is also a favorite place for resting deers. There are moose, many wild boar and other smaller animals such as foxes and beavers in the area.

The two story log house is 179.4 m2.

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