Agricultural farms in Eastern Europe.

Agricultural farms in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In our mediation business, we work discreetly to establish a relationship between seller and one or more interested buyers. We have contact with many interesting investors and the expertise in all general and concrete issues regarding property sales.

Public sale of property:
We have properties for public sale. Meaning, that we have reviewed the properties and assessed the level of the optimal market price together with the seller.
The offer is published on this website and possibly in relevant media; newspapers, web sites and magazines, as well as presented to the potential buyers we know.

Discreet property sales:
We have currently properties in a quiet commission or in discrete sales. This means that you, as the seller, exclusively take advantage from our buyer’s card index and our network. The sale of the property is not disclosed and may only be shown in anonymous form on our website. In such cases, we aim to avoid public disclosure of the sales process, to the extent possible.

Do you already know the buyer of your property?
If you already have a buyer for your property, we offer assistance with the transaction's implementation with presentation, display, negotiation, and dialogue and coordination with advisors, lawyers, auditors, etc.

Please find a list of farms for sale in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia here