Mediation of agriculture in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Expertise and market knowledge is essential.

Purchase and sale of agricultural property is a large and often long-term decision, in which both emotions and finances play a large role in the decision process. For many it is the biggest decision they make in life.

Especially trade in agriculture abroad requires great experience and insight into local opportunities, in order to understand the mechanisms that trigger the markets and to know and to understand both the written and the unwritten rules.

Being a farmer abroad is difficult and experience has shown that many make the same mistakes and have the same challenges when investing. With the right coaching one can avoid the most frequent obstacles and challenges.

With more than 20 years experience as agricultural brokers in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, we have built a large and diverse network that we use to identify the best acquisition opportunities and to ensure that investors are helped through the complex process it is to find and acquire the best property for him.

We offer professional sparring and networks to ensure you get the best conditions to acquire and grow your business.

We see it as our most important duty to inform both the seller and the buyer thoroughly, so both parties get the best possible basis for a decision. We are not in favour of fast acting, after which one party remains in an unlucky situation. A transaction must be carefully considered and prepared in order to be successful. We have only reached our goal if both buyer and seller are satisfied after a transaction.

With our many years of experience in the trade with agricultural properties in Central and Eastern Europe, we have accumulated a professional market insight that enables us to advise you seriously and professionally - whether you want to buy, sell or just want to an informal sales assessment of your property.

Please find a list of farms for sale in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia here