Mediation of production farms in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Purchase and sale of production farms in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Regardless whether you intend to buy or sell an arable farm, cattle farm, pig farm or poultry production in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia (the Baltics) then we can help you.

We have done business in Eastern Europe since 1998 and mediated agricultural farms in Poland and the Baltics since 2003. We have a large network and have local partners who also have a specialized knowledge about trade with production farms. Our geographical coverage and close local cooperation make us able to find buyers and sellers of production farms throughout the Baltic Sea region.

We handle transactions professionally, get to know each case thoroughly and work dedicatedly. We have knowledge about current legislation, local practice, financing options and everything else that will ensure you a good transaction.

We always have contact with a large selection of production farms for sale in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Being large arable farms, cattle farms, pig farms, poultry productions etc. In addition, there are forest properties, horse estates and nature- & leisure estates.

Getting a transaction to succeed .....

A trade may only require a Seller and a Buyer to agree ....
But getting a transaction to succeed is not always so straightforward - and not at all abroad.

We have brokered many investments, helped organise many transactions, seen many ways to act and participated in many considerations. Of course, it is absolutely important, first and foremost, to control visions, the profession and the economy, but there are also other values to care for. It's no fun to have the perfect project when the pleasure and happiness don't come with it.

Are you looking for investment in Central & Eastern Europe, then we can help you find the one that matches your needs, find the best solutions, and solve problems and conflicts.

We place great emphasis on personal, individual service and advice.
It creates peace and trust in cooperation but is also a significant source of the successful outcome.

Here you will find an overview of agricultural farms for sale