First considerations

Are you dreaming of buying a farm in Poland?
Then it would be a good idea to consider the following.

  • How does your dream farm look like?
    • Size?
    • Crop - livestock?
    • How is the ownership - purchase / lease?
    • How will you run the farm? - Live there by yourself? / appoint a manager?
    • Are you alone on the project? if not, how is the division of roles?
    • Requested location, if any, and why?
      It is a good idea not to insist that the farm is to be situated in a certain area as it may take a long time before there are any farms for sale in that specific area and you may risk to miss another and perhaps more interesting farm elsewhere in Poland.
    • Desired time horizon for an investment project in Poland, if any?
    • Others, which are important to you?
  • Do you have any experience from abroad?
    • Investments abroad, working abroad or others?
  • Do you your immediate family and acquaintances support you? (Important)
  • Have you made up your financing options for yourself?
    • It is important that you are honest to yourself as we have seen more investors be very disappointed if it is late in the project proves that it is impossible to obtain financing.

Please find current agricultural farms for sale    in Poland and Latvia.