Why to invest in recreation land?

Real estate has historically been the asset class, which has developed commercially most positively over time.

Unlike securities, you can enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, hunting and many other activities with the ownership of recreation land, while the value is steadily growing. While you enjoy the land, the trees continue to grow and provide an asset that can be made liquid in a fairly short amount of time.

Family time:

With our fast-paced way of life, quality family time can be hard to come by. Owning recreation land provides an opportunity for the family to spend time away from the distractions of everyday life.

Family values and memories:

Life comes at us fast every day. The influences of society are not always what we would choose for our family. Create your own environment for family recreation. Instil work ethic by cutting firewood or building a trail. Share stories over a campfire. Get exercise while on a hike through the woods. Teach hunting skills and wildlife appreciation from your own land. These are the memories you can pass on to the next generation.


With the right amount of acreage, you can achieve the elbow room you and your family have been looking for. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness with nothing but the sound of the wind through the trees.


Create your own camp ground with a fire pit, tents, cabins or a spot for the family R.V. You no longer have to make reservations for the “best” spot ….. you own it! Save time from having to pack up all of your gear every visit. With your own land, you can leave the essentials for the next visit.

Horseback riding:

Build your own corral and hay storage shed. Create riding trails throughout your ownership. Hunt or view wildlife from horseback. Having your own horse set up provides easier and faster access to enjoy adjacent public lands.


Find your favourite place. The best water. The greatest fish. The early bird gets the worm, and the early angler gets the fish. Successful anglers know in order to maximize their time catching fish.

Bite, hook, catch, pull in, measure, photographing, share. The perfect angler experience.

You may be good at one thing, and GREAT at another. The only way to know for sure is to keep trying.


Avoid the crowds and frustration of hunting public lands. Create your own wildlife habitat and game management. Set up your own tree stands and blinds for the season - not on the day. Design food plots for larger, healthier wildlife - and greater experiences.


Stop in the woods, pull up a log and watch the forest come to life. You’ll be amazed at the activity you witness. When you stop, the birds chirp, the squirrels chatter and the deer wander through the trees.

Recreational vehicles:

Motorcycles, crossfire motorcycles and snowmobiles can add enjoyment to your outdoor activities. Be it easier access or the highest mark on the snow-covered hillside, you can set your own rules with ownership of recreation land. Make your own trails, jumps and challenge course. Teach your kids riding skills without the chaos of public motor parks.

Cabin in the woods:

A cabin provides a little comfort and security while enjoying the great outdoors. You’ll have a warm and dry place to rest your head during a rain storm. Store your supplies and valuables inside. Keep the essentials stocked in the cabin instead of hauling them up every visit. Light a few candles and set up a board game for the whole family to enjoy.

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