Below is a selection of unique nature and leisure properties for sale in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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Ref. no. L00582PL:

355 ha agricultural property in northeastern Poland for sale.

The property is located in the southern part of the 1,100 ha Orzysz lake.
1,500 meters of direct - and 1,500 meters of indirect lake coastline.

  • 354,9 ha of owned land, of which:
    • 307 ha of scenic agricultural areas
    • 32 ha of forests and trees
    • 16 ha of 'other'
  • Farmstead, of which:
    • a residential building with an area of 400 m2 (6 apartments)
    • an administrative and social building with an area of 400 m2
    • garage and workshop rooms plus a shelter with an area of 350 m2 - outbuilding with an area of 100 m2
    • three stables with a total area of 3,500 m2 and covered shelter with an area of 1,400 m2
    • a dry feed warehouse with an area of 800 m2

The lake district of Masuria

Masuria is one of Europe’s most bountiful sources of unspoiled nature. It is the region that is nicknamed ‘the Land of the Thousand Lakes’ and ‘the Lungs of Poland’, because of its countless natural forests, meadows, wild rivers and large lakes dominating in the landscape.

In addition to the wonderful landscapes one can enjoy the rich wildlife like bison, moose, red deer, sika deer, roe deer, fallow deer, moufflon, wild boar, golden eagle, white eagle, osprey, black stork and many more, but also endangered species such as lynx, wolf, eagle owl, black grouse, woodgrouse or hazel grouse.

The property is owned in a holding structure.
The owner offers the property for sale in a discreet transaction.

A unique and perfect estate, for the professional farmer and for the passionate nature lover.

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Ref. no. L00561PL:

6,300 m2 commercial development land plot in Baltic Sea area, Poland, for sale.
The owner offer the land plot for sale in discrete transaction.

We are very pleased to offer this development land plot, with two redevelopment mature buildings, for sale.

The plot is located right up to the huge forest area, Kadyny Forest and the Elbląg Upland Landscape Park, with a great view over open land and the Vistula Lagoon.

There is only 1 km to the Plaza Kadyny Srebrna Riwiera (The Silver Riviera), an ideal place for leisure and vacation.

Commercial property type, located up to an asphalt road, leading into the historical village “Kadyny”.
Possibility of leisure, vacation and/or senior apartments.
Condition of the property: renovation / reconstruction.
The size of the plot is 6,300 m2.
Usable area is 829 m2 and 268 m2.

The ground is located in the outskirts of the old historical village “Kadyny”, which probably was founded in the 13th century by the Teutonic Knights.

The first recorded owner of these lands was Hans von Baysen, a Prussian nobleman who lived in the 15th century. In the 17th century, Kadyny became a property of Schlieben family, who built a palace here. After changing owners several times, at the end of the 19th century the estate passed to the German Emperor, Wilhelm II. Thanks to his efforts, Kadyny started a period of great development with the palace being renovated and reconstructed to turn it into a summer residence for Wilhelm II. The village was extended and rebuilt at the same time.

The area is an ideal place for numerous tourists.

The small village with only 300 inhabitants welcomes every year everyone who enjoys real relaxation close to nature. Situated close to the Vistula Lagoon with its a beach and extensive forests that form excellent conditions for leisure and vacation.

This offer is aimed at the discerning developer.

Ref. no. L00555LV:

226 ha leisure farm for sale,
located in south part of Latvia, only 70 km from Riga.

Potential for many leisure and pleasure activities,
for a relatively small investment.

The property of the holding includes:

  • 226,4 ha land plot
    the farm consists of 5 land plots (4.56 ha, 20.6 ha, 55.9 ha, 74.0 ha, 71.4 ha)
  • Residential house, etc., brick stone building, 18x60m / 1089 m2;
  • 2 pieces metal construction outbuildings, 12x100m / 1200 m2 each;
  • 3 artificial ponds;
  • 35 - 40m deap well;
  • For the past few years the farm has been engaged in raising beef cattle.
  • The area is partially fenced (total fence length - 14km and is connected to the electric fence.)

Ref. no. L00535LV:

For the adventurous investor:

11 ha idyllic forest property with hunting lodge / cottage, for sale in Latvia.

Hunting lodge / cottage with many possibilities.

The house is situated in the beautiful and unspoiled Latvian forests, at a private lake, belonging to the property. The lake is perfect for angling and bathing. Sauna is built 5 meters from the lake. Uncultivated fields and forest with land area of 11.53 hectare surround the house.

From the house there are views over forests and uncultivated fields with wild flowers and nesting birds. The area is also a favorite place for resting deers. There are moose, many wild boar and other smaller animals such as foxes and beavers in the area.

The two story log house is 179.4 m2.

Ref. no. L00493PL:

35 hectar unique and beautiful forest- and sealand property for sale in Poland.

In the western outskirts of the idyllic Masurian Sealand district in Poland, between green meadows, impressive woodland areas, wide expanses and by enchanting lakes is a magnificent natural area that is now being offered for sale.

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Unspoiled nature with endless possibilities for the passionate nature lover. Here you have the opportunity to grow all your natural interests. The generous nature willingly presents itself with rich opportunities for fantastic hunting and angling experiences.

A total of 35,2 hectares of forest- and sealand property for sale.

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There is ample opportunity to use this area just to enjoy nature, build a holiday home in nature, for private or commercial holiday-, hunting- and angling experiences, and / or to develop a unique "agrotouristic hotel" on the property.

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Poland is for many hunters Europe's hunting country no. 1. The hunt here is for everyone - both for the inexperienced first-time hunter and for the hunter with many years of experience. In Poland, all preferred wild species are found, and the stocks are very dense.
The Polish state owns the right to hunt and fish wildlife. One must comply with specific rules for hunting and fishing.

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Ref. no. L00500LT:

Exciting nature & leisure property for sale:

Organic farm in Lithuania.

Are you passionate about nature, animals, hunting and/or angling ?

Are you looking for an alternative and exciting investment for your nature and leisure experiences ?

So, this organic property in Lithuania can be something for you !

The property is founded in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by lakes and rivers, and offers infinite nature experiences, regardless whether you just want to experience and enjoy the unspoiled nature or to use it for animal husbandry, hunting or fishing, etc.

The farm can be run for leisure & pleasure, as a family business, or it can be expanded and used for extensive production.

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The property consists of:

  • 220 hectares of land (20 hectares are rented)
  • All the pastures are bordered by the river and lakes (safer grazing)

  • 100 units of beef cattle (Red Angus, from Germany)
  • All the cows are young (second-third calve)

There are good opportunities to expand the property, if desired.

The breeding of the organic cattle can make a significant contribution to the operation of this nature property while taking part in a significant natural care.
The cattle breeding may take place in collaboration with the current owner (Optional).

Investing in a natural area does not just have to be an expense.

Unlike passively investing in securities, a natural area can be a good and active investment, which in the long run will make good money for the owner while providing a unique place to use and enjoy nature.
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The Lithuanian State owns the right to hunting and fishing for wildlife. This means that you must comply with certain rules for hunting and fishing.
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The property is a private property, including the 20 ha rented. A potential transaction will take place in the form of purchase of shares in a Lithuanian limited company that owns all assets.

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Ref. no. L00491PL:

Investment opportunity in Masurian Lake District in Poland.

Europe's green lung ! ....

The Great Masurian Lake district, east of Olsztyn, is a magnificent verdant land area with rolling hills with countless lakes and scattered forests. Small housewives and charming little towns are scattered throughout the areas. The district is centered on Lake Śniardwy and Lake Mamry and its adjacent waters. Over 15% of the area is covered by lakes and another 30% by forest.

The area for sale is 82 ha and is located in the Sapina river basin.

The areas are covered by the plan of a study of the development directions and the possible investment is in the following areas: residential and commercial, guest houses and hotels, recreation, agritourism or angling.

The area is considered a top tourist attraction. A special place for nature lovers.

Ref. no. L00492PL:

An outstanding and beautiful natural area of 33 ha for sale in Poland.

A beautiful natural area located at Bobiecinskie Lake and surrounded by forests, in Kashubia, Poland.
An ideal location for nature lovers or for an investment in rural tourism.
The area is 33 hectares (330,000 m2), near a small village Bobięcino. The land borders the state forest and the Natura 2000 nature reserve, which guarantees the wild nature of the area.

The lake Bobięciński with crystal clear water invites for sailing and swimming. The lake is an idyllic habitat for birds. Little islands conceal many secrets. On an island called Buszowe Grady lie the ruins of a castle from the early Middle Ages and under the water there are remains of a wooden bridge, connecting the island with the ground in the past.

Kashubia is one of the most beautiful areas in Poland.
The area is hilly, with several lakes and various sights.
One can easily reach all sights in the nearby area on foot, on horseback or by bike.

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We look forward to telling you more about this beautiful area.

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Ref. no. L00504PL:

Exclusive romantic dream, for sale in Poland:

Well established 'agroturistik hotel', on a 36 ha natural plot.

The open areas, the amazing forests, unforgettable forest lakes, flowering river banks, swirling marshes and open grazing areas. Places where the rich animal- and varied plant life thrives.

Park Krajobrazowy Doliny Bobru , a unique scenic area, located in Lower Silesia 

Lower Silesia is fantastic and easy to get to from Western Europe, with the well-developed road network.

The area is ideal for cosy intercourse with the family, time for one-self or maybe just for alternative experiences that cannot be filled in for a busy day.

It is possible to buy a well established 'agrotourist hotel', idyllically situated in the countryside at the beautiful Landscape Park of the Bóbr Valley, in Poland.

Here, there is space for endless experiences, whether you just want to unwind and enjoy yourself, want to enjoy at nature, do the quiet walks, do jogging or do the more ambitious activities.

The area offers fantastic cycle routes, whether for exercise, mountain biking or racing. Riding is an experience, in its own class, in the varied landscape. The Bóbr River offers experiences such as rafting, canoeing, kayaking and tourist cruises.

The 'agroturistic hotel' has a utilized area of 1,877 m2. The complex includes the main building, a building used in the summer season, and a 10-person hunting lodge.

There are 2-person and 6-person rooms, a 2-person apartment, a 10-person house and a dayroom available for the guests.
A total of 83 beds.

The property is located on a plot of app. 15 ha.
In addition, it is possible to buy a plot of app. 20 ha, located opposite the main property.
A total of app. 36 ha.

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We look forward to telling you more about this exciting opportunity.

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Ref. no. L00471FR:

One of France most unique nature- and hunting estates is offered for sale.

A really unique and magnificent estate, of more than 2,000 hectares, where there, among other things, is a great opportunity for hunting red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, fox, badger, hare, rabbit, duck, goose, pheasant, partridge, pigeon, wood pigeon, snipe, woodcock, curlew, quails .....

Everything organized to excite the passionate nature lover and optimal for the rich wildlife, with a overwhelming variety of deciduous forests, little conifers forests, brushwood, scrub, persistent green areas, wetlands, lakes, ponds and agricultural areas.

The area for sale is more than 2,000 hectares.
Located in the Center-Val de Loire in France.

The mansion, built in the 16th century, discreetly located in the heart of the territory. 500 m2 residential area, including beautiful reception rooms and 6 renovated bedrooms, with bathroom and toilet. The house is maintained and renovated with respect for the original architecture.

The mansion appears cosy and original, discreetly located in rural settings, between two large ponds and just up to an area where the red deer gather in the mating season. It provides rich opportunities for unique experiences directly from the panoramic living room and the large balcony.

Beloved horse stud

Ref. no. L00561PL:

Unique luxury horse stud farm in northeastern Poland, with an area of 60 ha private agricultural land.
The owner offers the company's shares for sale in a discreet transaction.

New, September 2020:
For the second year in a row, one of the studs horses has won the finest gallop race in Warsaw for four-year-old mares.
Enjoy the race via this link  

The slightly hilly fields, situated on a ridge, offers, at its places, unique views over the Vistula Lagoon, the Baltic Sea and the Elbląg Upland Landscape Park.

The farm is located in a unique wonderful nature in western Warminsko-mazurskie, at the border with Pomorskie.

For those who enjoy living in harmony with nature and appreciates a healthy lifestyle; it is an ideal match, with great potential to acquire an oasis or run own business.

The site is quite unique given its history, location and exceptional quality of the buildings and land layout.

A unique and very presentable horse stud farm and with potential for a hunting activities etc.
Perfect, for both permanent residence and leisure, for the discerning nature lover.

Only 4 km to the new S7 highway, which leads directly to Elblag (25 km), the nearest major city and to the nearby metropolitan area "Tricity" (80 km), consisting of Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, with about 1 million inhabitants.

The international airport 'Lech Walesa Airport' can be reached within an hour.

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