Forests are attractive and sustainable investment options.

Are you a climate-conscious investor?

Then forest is an interesting investment opportunity worth considering.

Forests are the largest carbon reservoirs.
The forests of the world and the global climate are closely linked: Forests are gigantic carbon reservoirs; they help to control water cycles and thus the weather.
Covering nearly a third of all land on Earth, forests are essential for livelihoods and jobs, habitats for animals, soil and water conservation, and carbon capture and storage. Since 1990, the world has lost 129 million hectares of forests—an area almost equivalent in size to South Africa.
Forests are the largest carbon reservoir on land. Forests absorb worlwide 7.6 billion tons of CO2 annually and store the carbon in their biomass. This makes them essential for the climate.

Forests are the home for life.
Forests are important for the climate and nature. They store and transport gigantic amounts of fresh water, protect the coasts from flooding and prevent soil erosion and desertification. At the same time, the world's forests house over 80 percent of all amphibian species, 75 percent of bird species and 60 percent of mammal species.

Forests are attractive and sustainable investment options.
Old natural forests are important for the climate, but you can also make a difference by investing in forestry. Forestry produces wood for the wood industry, which, among others, needs more and more wood for sustainable constructions. You become part of a “sustainable food chain”, while at the same time earning a reasonable return on the investment plus making economic gain as well.

Acquisition of forest in the Baltics.
Many forests are already privately owned in the Baltics. They are matriculated and ownership etc. is registered in official land registers. Foreigners have access to invest in forests in the Baltics. This is typically done through a local company (Ltd.) that is set up for the purpose.

Brokerage of forests.
Jesper Kjær ApS has brokered agriculture in Poland and the three Baltic countries since 2003 and has over the years developed a large and efficient network. We have direct contact with many forest owners who want, or are considering, selling forest plots. We offer our knowledge, experience and network for the mediation of forests in the Baltics, directly from owner to investor. We can always offer to mediate both smaller plots or a large number of hectares of forest in the Baltics.

Forests for sale:

Here you will find a selection of forests for sale  , but contact us if you have specific wishes.