"Investment is more than wind power and solar energy"

"Cannot See the Forest for the Trees" ... ... a somewhat worn out phrase often used philosophically when someone becomes so fixated on the detail that he forgets to look at the whole and perhaps miss the many possibilities that the forest holds.

Is it a good idea to invest in forests?
....... Yes, but not everyone can see the possibilities.

It pays to invest in forests - both from a sustainable and an economic point of view.
There are more investment strategies to choose from. One can of course choose to invest passively in funds that already have forest investments in their investment portfolio, but it can also be a good idea to get closer to the process if one want to manage ones investments oneself.

Investing in forests is a good idea if you want a good and safe investment, a sustainable portfolio and want to make a difference.

Investing in forests in the Baltics is a good idea, because here there are forests with high biodiversity, the risk is low, property rights are controlled and the trees grow regardless of economic fluctuations. At the same time, prices for the Baltic forests are still competitive.

Forests are part of the so-called alternative investment types, and putting money into trees differs from more traditional investments by not being so sensitive to the economic development in society.

Investment in forestry provides a stable return with a relatively low risk. Furthermore, this type of investment spreads the risk in a good way because it is flexible and is not affected by the same factors as other more traditional investments. The sale of wood can easily be adapted to supply and demand. If, for example, the price of wood is low one year, you can cut down less and leave the trees standing until the price is higher. The trees increase in value with age, because larger trees can be used in the breeding industry for e.g. furniture, floorboards and pulp. The remaining wood, which is not suitable for use in the wood processing industry, is typically chopped into chips and sold to cogeneration plants, etc.

The climate is one of the world's great challenges and investors from all over the world have really opened their eyes to the possibilities.

With an investment with a sustainable focus, you can, so to speak, get the best from both sides. Sustainable focus and return are not mutually exclusive. With an investment in forest, you can combine investments and benefit from similarities and differences. It can, for example, be natural to combine your investments in forests with investments in wind power and solar energy.

The Baltics, an attractive market for forest investment.

Over recent years, the Baltics have developed into an attractive market for forest investment as a green and sustainable alternative to the more traditional investments. The prospect of stable returns, low risk, positive liquidity, and not least a climate-friendly profile, make it an attractive investment object.

In the Baltics, a hectare of forest costs on average 7-10,000 EURO, while a hectare of similar forest costs 4-6 times more in Western Europe. So you get a lot of forest for your money in the Baltics.

There is a well-functioning, open and lively property market, and the smaller properties are quickly tradable. It creates flexibility and liquidity in the investment when the portfolio needs to be adjusted.

The investment structure is simple and transparent. Investors typically own their own forests via a local forest management company (similar to an ApS). This ensures that as an investor you can decide to increase or decrease your investments, depending on your needs and interests.

Forestry investment in the Baltics can thus be a natural part of a sustainable portfolio and which naturally goes hand in hand with wind power and solar energy investments.

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