Green investment – Invest in Baltic forest.

The world is currently focusing on the climate, so forest investments are facing a bright future. Naturally, in a sustainable portfolio, together with e.g. wind power and solar energy investments.

We offer our knowledge, experience and network for your acquisition of forests in the Baltics.

Acquisition of forest is an interesting investment in the future.
The world's resources are limited, the population is increasing, more and more products are in demand and prices are constantly rising.

If you are looking for a forest investment in the Baltics, we can help you find the one that matches your needs, find the optimal solutions, and solve problems and conflicts.

With more than 20 years of experience as agricultural brokers in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, we have built up a large and versatile network, which we use to identify the best buying opportunities and to ensure that investors are helped through the complex process of finding and acquire the right property.

A trade might just require a Seller and a Buyer to agree . . . .
But to make a transaction a success is not always so straightforward - and certainly not abroad.

We have mediated many investments, been involved in organizing many transactions, seen many ways of acting and been involved in many considerations. Of course, it is absolutely important, first and foremost, to have control of the visions, the professional, the legal and the economy, but there are also other values to take care of. It does not help much to have the perfect project if the desire and joy do not follow.

With our many years of experience, many local contacts and a deep insight into the local opportunities, combined with an understanding and respect for the local "drivers", we can support you in all steps on the way to your goals.

Thanks to our good personal contacts, it is possible to create an individual concept.

We place great emphasis on personal, individual service and advice. It creates security and trust in the collaboration, but is also an essential source for the successful result.

Jesper Kjær ApS has broked agriculture in Poland and the three Baltic countries since 2003 and has over the years developed a large and efficient network. We have direct contact with many forest owners who want, or are considering, selling forest plots. We offer our knowledge, experience and network for the mediation of forests in the Baltics, directly from owner to investor. We can always offer to mediate both smaller plots or a large number of hectares of forest in the Baltics.

A sustainable, attractive investment opportunity

Here you will find a selection of forests for sale