Purchase of forest in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Purchase of forest in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Contact us if you are interested in investing in one of the properties we have shown on the website. We are happy to provide additional information, individual advice and non-binding demonstrations.

If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. then we would like to hear from you, as we have a number of properties along the way that have not yet been posted online.

If you are interested in buying a specific property or if you are interested in a property offered through another broker, intermediary or bank, we offer to make professional contact on your behalf. We assist with due diligence and negotiation based on our knowledge of prices and market conditions. Throughout the process, we are available with our expertise and many years of experience in real estate.

If you are looking for a specific property type that is not offered for sale, we offer to screen and search the market for you, present potential acquisition topics and make discreet contact with the owner of one or more properties that you as an investor may be interested in. it is easier for us, as a professional party, to address this discreet request without initially stating who the investor is. We offer to assist in the further course with investigation of the property's conditions, advice and negotiation.

Forests for sale:

Here you will find a selection of forests for sale  , but contact us if you have specific wishes.