Attractive sustainable investment and social responsibility

Investment in forest in the Baltics ?

Does it fit my long-term sustainable portfolio ?

In the Baltic countries, pine, spruce and birch mainly grow in their natural range. They are therefore less susceptible to diseases, insects and disasters.
The return of property to the original owners, after the restoration of the three Baltic countries in the 90s, has resulted in the average property size being small. It is considered by some investors as a disadvantage, while others see it as an advantage because its negotiability is better. The number of potential buyers is greater because the buyer's capital does not have to be so large with each transaction.

The forestry companies in the Baltic countries have a high technological level ranging from computer-based forest management including comprehensive GIS application and aerial photo analysis to modern hydraulic forestry machines and handling.

There are good opportunities to optimize operations. The unique thing about forestry is that the trees grow independently of the economic development in the community and you can time your harvest according to the current economic situation and supply / demand.

In other words; one does not have to harvest at a very specific time as is the case for e.g. agriculture, but you can reap when you assess that the situation and prices are good or accumulate the growth of the forest and thus create added value in the forest company. It also provides good opportunities for optimization in relation to tax.

One can expect an economic gain over time. Over the past many years, forest prices have been rising. In practice, the trade price of the forest is determined by supply / demand in the local area where the properties are located, the quality of the wood and by how much has been harvested over time.

Investing in forests can, in addition to being an attractive investment, also provide a good conscience. If you choose the right project, you can help invest in a sustainable concept or you can buy your own forest and manage the development yourself. It does not cost much to also take into account biodiversity, a richer wildlife, the uptake of CO2. You go a long way with a little care.

The whole world is currently focusing on the climate, so forest investments are facing a bright future, just like e.g. wind turbines and photovoltaic systems, etc. which lie naturally together in a sustainable portfolio.

Jesper Kjær ApS has brokered agriculture in Poland and the three Baltic countries since 2003 and has over the years developed a large and efficient network. We have direct contact with many forest owners who want, or are considering, selling forest plots. We offer our knowledge, experience and network for the mediation of forests in the Baltics, directly from owner to investor. We can always offer to mediate both smaller plots or a large number of hectares of forest in the Baltics.

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