Facilitating Investment in Agriculture and Forests

Jesper Kjær ApS is an independent project developer and brokerage company specializing in agriculture and forest investment opportunities in Poland and the Baltic States. Since its founding in 2001, the company's aim has been to provide attractive investment opportunities to international investors.

Here you will find a selection of

investment objects for sale  

in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Connecting Investors with the Best Real Estate Opportunities.

The company's success is due in part to its strong and independent partners in all countries where it develops and brokers investment objects. Local representation and involvement are crucial for the successful completion and monitoring of real estate projects. Jesper Kjær ApS leverages its experience, knowledge, and large network to identify the best acquisition opportunities and help investors navigate the complex process of finding and acquiring the right property.

Real Assets for Stable Investments

Investing in agriculture and forest can provide investors with multiple sources of income and stability in their portfolios. This asset class is considered particularly stable in value as it is a real asset that is less correlated with stock market developments and political crises. However, investing in real estate, especially in foreign countries, requires experience and insight into local opportunities, an understanding of the mechanisms that trigger markets, and knowledge of the written and unwritten rules.

Your Reliable Investment Partner for Stable Growth.

Jesper Kjær ApS acts as a trusted business partner for investors, acting quickly and decisively to help them move forward. With rising inflation and political unrest, many private investors are seeking out assets with stable value and attractive growth potential. Jesper Kjær ApS offers a way for investors to invest directly in their own projects, giving them the opportunity to influence matters such as ownership, company form, geographical exposure, choice of financing method, and leverage.

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We have collected a small bouquet of investment opportunities here, but contact us, as most transactions take place as discretionary sales.