Intermediation of agricultural properties

Jesper Kjaer ApS is a diversified developer and broker company. One of our business areas is the intermediation of agricultural properties and the development of agricultural projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

The art of making a good deal in difficult times.

The market for trade in agriculture in Central and Eastern Europe has changed a lot since the financial crisis. The type of transactions, organization and finance, has changed radically. Policy measures have made the processes more cumbersome and it has become harder to find the good deals, because both buyers and sellers have become more timid and require greater security and confidentiality.
Regardless if you are buying or selling, then there is even greater need to identify and analyze value and risk, to find out if the model is solid.

From one extreme to the other.

Before the financial crisis, the financing of an acquisition was not a real problem for the professional farmer. For the determined, the task was more to identify the good investment opportunities and to get things organized in an appropriate way.

As a result of the financial crisis, the financial situation in agriculture has become more difficult. A too easy terms and access to credit was perhaps the cause of the financial crisis, but now the credit crunch is perhaps one reason to that it is too difficult to move forward, now that we are about to say goodbye to the crisis. It is important to find a middle course that allows for investments, for necessary continuous technological and structural adaptation.

We can help you with acquisition in Central and Eastern Europe.

Jesper Kjaer ApS is a diversified developer and broker company. Our position is based on a deep understanding of local opportunities - and the ability to be at the forefront of tomorrow. We take pride in being a committed partner and we have made it our brand to make the impossible possible.
Development and intermediation of real estate projects is a difficult and complex process, but we never lose sight of what creates value for our customers.

We do our utmost to identify the appropriate object of investment and ensure a successful transaction by largely making use of the extensive network that we have built over the last 19 years.