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Please find a consolidated list here    of agricultural farms for sale in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Ref. no. L00603BA:

Attractive forest investment in the Baltics.
An interesting alternative for the investor who is looking for new types of investment.

More than 2,000 ha of forest for sale in Latvia and Estonia.

Well established and / or new forest.

Scots pine and red spruce are the two tree species that are the dominant in the region.

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Ref. no. L00566LV:

500 ha of arable farm in the Jekabpils district of Latvia

Of this, approx. 360 ha owned arable land and approx. 28 ha leased arable land.

The soil is in good agricultural operation with proper rotation, cultivation and fertilization.

Good farmhouse of 110 m2. Completely renovated in 2014.
Round arch hall / plan silo of 1000 m2. Newly built in 2008.
Steel arch hall / machine house of 850 m2. Newly built in 2014.
Well-organized machinery equipment is included.

Everything in good quality and order.
Complete ongoing business. Easy to take over.

The property is German owned through a holding structure and is sold due to generational change.

The owner offer the farm for sale in discrete transaction.


Ref. no. L00482LV:

Approx. 146 ha arable farm in Latvia.


Jekabpils district, Latvia.

Legal status:

Approx. 146 ha of private property.

Legal owner:

Danish owned, through a well-established company structure.
The property is sold due to generational change.

The owner offers to either sell the operating company or the assets, depending on investors preferences.


Cultivation of plants.


Approx. 146 ha of good arable clay soil, consolidated in one complex, only cut by drainage canals.
The soil is in good agricultural operation with proper rotation, cultivation and fertilization.

Arable area:

Approx. 146 ha.

Building area:

0 ha.

Main arable crops:

Wheat and rapeseed.


No one.

Equipment & machinery:

No one.


No one.