Introduction; brokerage of agriculture, forests and nature areas.

Developer and brokerage company.

Jesper Kjær ApS is an independent developer and brokerage company.
We mediate agriculture, forests and nature areas in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Our position is based on a deep insight into the local opportunities - and the ability to be at the forefront of tomorrow's currents. We have an in-depth knowledge of local market conditions and opportunities.

We are thus the natural contact if you are looking for an independent advisor and mediator in trade with agriculture, forests and nature areas in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The art of making a good bargain in difficult times.

As a starting point, we say that there are no safe investments. Investing your money will always involve some risk. The value of any investment can go up and down. It is important to be aware that return and risk are related.

Die Welt hat sich stark verändert, seit Russland in die Ukraine einmarschiert ist, zuerst mit der Annexion der Halbinsel Krim im Jahr 2014 und dann mit der Invasion im Jahr 2022. Die neuen Realitäten haben die Risikolandschaft verändert und es notwendig gemacht, noch kritischer zu sein, wie man jetzt vorgeht investiert sein Geld. Die Basis für eine Investition kann schnell beeinträchtigt werden durch z.B. steigende Inflation, Energie- und Rohstoffknappheit, wie wir es noch nie zuvor erlebt haben.

There are many different types of investment to choose from, but with a rapidly changing world and a troubled security landscape, it makes good sense to invest your capital at low risk.

Forests are part of the so-called alternative types of investment, and putting money in trees differs from more traditional investments by not being so sensitive to the economic development of society. Forest is a relatively safe investment and with good opportunities for a future economic gain.

We can help you.

Jesper Kjær ApS broker agriculture, forests and nature areas in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Developing and brokering real estate abroad is a complex process, but we never forget what creates value for our customers. We do our utmost to identify the right investment object and to ensure a successful transaction, by making extensive use of the extensive network that we have built up over the last 20 years.

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