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Jesper Kjær ApS is an independent developer and broker company, facilitating investment projects in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia since 2001, with a particular focus on agriculture since 2003.

Our position is based on a deep understanding of local opportunities - and the ability to be at the forefront of tomorrow. We take pride in being a committed partner, and we have made it our brand to make the impossible possible.

Development and mediation of investment projects is a difficult and complex process, but we never lose sight of what creates value for our customers.

There is a growing interest in investment in Baltic agriculture and forestry.
To meet this demand, we have recently introduced new web pages that present a wider range of investment options:
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Forest investment in the Baltics.
An attractive alternative for investors looking for new types of investment.

We broker forests in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Jesper Kjær ApS has developed and brokered investment projects in Poland and the three Baltic countries since 2001 and mediated agriculture since 2003. Over the years, we have developed a large, efficient and local network.

The world is currently focusing on the climate, so forest investments are facing a bright future. Naturally, in a sustainable portfolio, together with e.g. wind power and solar energy investments.

We offer our knowledge, experience and network for your acquisition of forests in the Baltics.

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